Heroes Never Die
They're only gone until someone remembers
Uh, I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean for anyone to come bother you because of my ... situation, as it happens to be. Don't worry about me, or uh, spend too much time thinking on it. Seems like you've got enough on your plate to worry about as it stands. Don't let me add to it.


"You never could burden me, child… I think what you are doing is endearing, caring… he can hear your voice, and he draws comfort from it… so go on… keep at it. Your voice might just bring him back to the surface…"

"…Maybe.  I want to think it will."  A pause.  "He said once, during probably the only moment of wakefulness he had, that I didn’t have to wait for him."  Another pause.  "But I want to.  Because he was really nice to me when he didn’t have to be.  He was accomodating of me when he didn’t have to be."

"The least I can do is make sure he’s not alone.  His shell shouldn’t gather dust and just be forgotten."

"I don’t mind that you’re sleeping you know.  I’m sure if you could see me, or listen, you’d think maybe I resent you.  Or that I’m going to angry for spending, or "wasting" so much of my time on you.  But it’s not true.  I don’t mind.  Not at all.  I mean, I wasn’t exactly the most dutiful boyfriend, was I.  I’ve no right to complain."

"Not that I’m complaining in the first place.  We both knew stuff could happen to you.  This is just another one of those thngs.  Just another speed-bump in our interesting relationship."

"Halloween is coming up.  It’s a shame.  I was hoping maybe we could go out.  You wouldn’t even have to pretend to be human even.  You could be yourself and no-one would bat an eye at you.  But then I might be too busy keeping the hooligans in check to give you the attention you deserve."

"People are already getting ready.  It’s not even the start of October and they’re already going forward.  Maybe they will or won’t skip Thanksgiving this year, huh?"

"Speaking of Thanksgiving…I was going to ask about maybe dinner with my family this year.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind anyway, having you.  They know I like guys, so it’s no big deal.  …Of course I can’t tell them the guy I’m dating is basically in a coma though."

"…I’m sorry, that’s unfair.  This isn’t your fault.  And I can’t be mad at you for it.  You don’t have control over this at all.  You’re the victim here."

"I’ll wait for you."

"I won’t go anywhere."

"I promise, you won’t be alone, as long as it takes."


throw your hands up if you cried for hours about some dude walking into a bar


throw your hands up if you cried for hours about some dude walking into a bar

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Riou absently wonders why it’s always the ugly, violent, nasty movies they wind up seeing sometimes.

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i am
through time.

     for you
          and the
               place that
i call home.

i am
in the dark.

     where you
          are and
               why i’m not

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ff+ Getaway

Riou snerks, as he reads, trying not to bust out laughing.  But try as he might, his face contorts and he starts laughing uncontrollably.  Oh dear lord.

He’d never ‘bomp’ in the middle of sex like that!

Ah, Riou, it's my Make up Monday for having missed Sunday and it's been an awful long while since I've done anything for Sunday with you, I try to be respectful, so I hope you don't think this unbecoming behavior. *gently hugs Riou to him and kisses his forehead* I've missed you.





That gets a smile and a flush to his cheeks.  ”It’s quite alright, Knock Out.  This is actually quite nice to get after all this time.  Thank you very much.”  He’d offer a smooch back, if it’s allowed.

Teal’s just going to nuzzle Riou for a bit longer, engine purring. “Thank you. How is life treating you, my dearest human?”

"Mmm, treating me well, I suppose.  No complaints.  I wish it was a bit more exciting but then my idea of excitement tends to be a bit dangerous at times.  So yeah.  Much better now though.”

Teal chuckled and gently ran digit tips through short dark hair. “You’re a thrill seeker by nature, Riou. Quiet times undoubtedly bore you. Though I’m glad to hear you’ve been safe.

If I may ask, how is your god-thing boyfriend? Any change in his condition?”

That brings him down, even his field diminishes in intensity.  ”…No change.  He sleeps like the dead.  If it weren’t for the fact his spark is still there you’d think he was dead.  I’ve never seen him go comatose for so long before.  This is actually beginning to worry me some now.  He’s…I don’t know.  He doesn’t respond to any stimulus whatsoever.”

A sigh.

"I’m still going to wait though."

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If you want, I can forward it to you and you can judge the work for yourself.  It’s actually quite well written, though it obviously involves you doing things with an organic that might offend your delicate sensibilities when it comes to who you share intimacy with and what you do.

But I think it’d be easier for you to look at it rather than take my word for it~

Ah, yes, it is such a well-known fact that I am so very delicate. After becoming second-in-command to an empire of bloodthirsty and vengeance-driven warbuilds and being exposed to millennia of bathing in gore and spilled energon, a little bit of smutty literature stops me cold in my tracks.

Send away.

Well you never know, Even Evil Has Standards, and all that jazz.  I assumed there were lines even someone like you wouldn’t dare to cross.  Alright then, here you go.  I don’t know what passes as “good” literature by Cybertronian standards.  I think the characterization is right.  Except you don’t murder me at the end I’m sure that part they left out for the sake of a happy ending.

*Have a ping, Darkscream*